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April 2, 2022
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May 3, 2022

Coming Up: #Sci-Comm 101 – An introduction to science communication by AfroScience Network

As part of its efforts to change the landscape of science communication (#Sci-Comm) in Africa, AfroScience Network is developing an introductory course to science communication tailored for undergraduate students in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics).

The course aims to introduce students to the field of science communication and help them develop skills to become effective science communicators. With the increasing need for public engagement by scientists to reduce the disparity between them and the general public, developing #Sci-Comm skills is fast becoming an essential element of a scientist’s career.  It is also becoming apparent that for scientists to influence policy and change the world through in-depth scientific analysis, they need to effectively communicate their results

Currently, very few #Sci-Comm training modules are available online for free and fewer are designed for undergraduates in STEM. This course seeks to bridge that gap. The first phase will introduce students to the #Sci-Comm field, the essentials of effective science communication, and the scope of the course, with an interactive session from a seasoned science communicator. Students who retain interest after the first phase will then be taken through a series of knowledge enhancement and skill training programs geared towards ensuring they become effective science communicators.

Participants who successfully complete the course will stand a chance of becoming authors of STEM articles in various niches for the Afro Science Network, the articles will be published on the network’s website. This will be part of a mentoring program to ensure such students are retained in the #Sci-Comm field.

The special speaker for this programme is the most accomplished science communicator in Ghana. His bio is given below.

Profile of Special Speaker

Dr Thomas Amartey Tagoe

Dr. Thomas Amatey Tagoe is a Neuroscientist, Science Communicator and Co-founder of G.H.Scientific, an organisation focused on building capacity in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) through public engagement and outreach activities. He holds a PhD in Physiology with a current research focus on learning and memory which he carries out at the University of Ghana.

Thomas has multiple publications in peer-reviewed journals and has presented various aspects of his work at Local, National and International conferences. He has also had his work featured on local and international news outlets such as the Daily Graphic, StarrFM, The BBC and CNN.

Thomas sits on the Africa Regional Committee of the International Brain Research Organisation, helping steer contributions to neuroscience in Africa. He is also the regional president of the Ghana Science Association and Chair of the Ghana Young Academy. Thomas has a strong passion for collaborations and is responsible for implementing multiple public engagement projects which earned him the British Council Social Impact Award in 2018. The latest of such projects was the Evolution of Science art exhibition hosted at the museum of science and technology. He also co-produces The Horizon on StarrFM, a science-based conversation every Wednesday on morning radio.

Thomas has spent many years in academia and is a keen advocate of learning through practical education; a passion he lives out by organising and participating in a number of capacity building, learning and training events aimed at both students and teachers. He has consulted for many education-focused organisations including Lead For Ghana and facilitated a number of science communication workshops for DANIDA, Michigan State University and other organisations.

To register for #Sci-Comm 101, click on this link: https://bit.ly/3rJYLJ9